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About Us

Age of new beginnings

Priestess El Pellegrino has been a Quantum Healer for over 30 years.  El has been helping people through drop the heavy burdens that block success and happiness in life.

El teaches them to grab hold of a limitless future that is there for us all when we connect to the divine which dwells in everyone.

El created a holistic wellness center 30 years ago where she channels as a medium practice hypnotherapy, quantum healing and uses here psychic ability to help others find happiness.


Through El and Age of New Beginnings you will create your new beginning through Reflexology, Nutrition, as well as other health oriented modalities; Hypnotherapy, Kabala Soul Healings, Reiki Healing Treatments, Magnified Healing® Techniques, Integrated Energy Therapy®, 

Age of New Beginnings offers Certifications in various Energetic Arts, some that are not found anywhere else on Long Island;  and so much more… Exercise your Body-Mind-Soul Connection through Spirit Dance, Boot Camp and Professional Dance (Ballroom, Waltz, Salsa and Tango ).

Age of New Beginnings offers Healing and Reflective Meditations, Lectures, Classes & Workshops, Psychic Readings and Go Green Seminars. Bring out your own inner gifts and abilities. Your one and only stop for gift shopping!

AGE OF NEW BEGINNINGS is about helping each soul shine. Teaching and Supporting people to know how special they are,bringing out their soul gifts. 

AGE OF NEW BEGINNINGS created a that ha aired for over a decade. Its focus is to create inner/outer transformational healing.

ellen pellegrino

Priestess El Pellegrino founder of Age of New Beginnings

Customers reviews

"El has been amazing mentor that has helped me rise to the next level of events in my life"
Derek Adams
"Ellen is such an inspiration to women and what we can accomplish with our lives when shown how to channel our positive inner side to aid in our ability to achieve higher goals"
Mikiala Bolin
"Ellen is one of the kindest souls that I have encountered on my journey"
Mike Bolter

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